Emelisse Hotel

Paralia Emblissis, Fiskardo, GR 280 84

Emelisse Hotel allows one dog under 10 kg for no additional fee. Cats are welcome too.

Emelisse Hotel

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Emelisse Hotel:

The Emelisse hotel is situated along the rugged shoreline of the emerald Ionian Sea. It sits in a spot of supreme serenity amongst acres of native cypress and cedar trees on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.The pools and outdoor restaurants and bars provide front row seating for an unparalleled display of nature’s splendour. The sunset is mesmerising and has the power to bring you back to an inner stillness that is so rare in modern life At night the hotel is lit by soft lamps and candlelighttransforming it into a romanticwhimsical wonderland. Snuggle up on a plush sofa on one of the numerous expansive terraces from which you can gaze up endlessly at a stellar canopy of velvetyindigo sky.The hotel provides a wide choice of accommodation ranging from double rooms to maisonettes and executive suites. The interiors are designed to reflect and not distract from the unspoilt beauty of the hotel’s setting. Natural materials and earth tones provide a simplenon-intrusive environment. Crisp white cotton sheets and plushluxurious robes and bath towels enhance your sensory pleasure. You will also find the wonderfulnatural Korres bath products available at your disposal.Each room is equipped with air-conditioningsatellite televisionDVD and CD player and Internet access capability.The hotel and its environs also provide a wealth of leisure pursuits. Two fully stocked barstwo restaurantsa fully equipped gymnasium and a tennis court. There are two main swimming pools as well as other separate pools shared by guests in the maisonettes and executive suites. Other activities available include scuba diving and boat trips to remotesecluded beaches and to the surrounding islands. Bicycles are available for hire and the island is also accessible on foot for the hiking enthusiasts. The rocks and pebbled beach of the Embelisse bay are just a short walk away. Here you can submerge yourself in the crystal clearrefreshing and still waters of the Ionian.




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Emelisse Hotel

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