Fortune Park Panchwati – Tg

Fortune Park Panchwati, Kolkata, IN 711403

Sorry, dogs are not allowed at Fortune Park Panchwati - Tg. Don't feel like you have leave your pet at home though! You'll find information on all of the other pet friendly hotels in Kolkata here.

Fortune Park Panchwati – Tg

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Fortune Park Panchwati – Tg:

Kolkata served as the capital of India during the British Raj until 1911. Since the year 2000an economic rejuvenation has led to a spurt in the city’s growth. Kolkata has long been known for its literaryartistic and revolutionary heritage. As the former capital of IndiaKolkata was the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thought. Kolkata Residents tend to have a special appreciation for art and literature; its tradition of welcoming new talent has made it a -city of furious creative energy. Situated just 20 minutes from Esplanade (Kolkata)nestled in a serene and tranquil atmosphereFortune Park Panchwati is an ideal place to experience the grandeurthe splendorthe sheer comfort of luxuries of living in a whole new world. The hotel is located on Kona Expressway just 5 Kms. from Vidyasagar Toll Plaza in Howrah. Kona Expresswaydeclared a national highwayis one of the most promising growth corridors of Kolkata




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Fortune Park Panchwati - Tg has enhanced cleaning and safety measures in place. Hand sanitizer is provided to guests, and rooms are disinfected between each stay. Hotel staff are required to wear masks.

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Fortune Park Panchwati – Tg

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