Mountain Park Hotel

Northop Road, Flint, UK CH6 5QG

Please choose a different pet friendly hotel in Flint. We haven't been able to confirm whether or not Mountain Park Hotel allows dogs yet, but we're working on it!

Mountain Park Hotel

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Mountain Park Hotel:

This superbly designedprivately owned hotelwith its authentic Thai restaurant and challenging golf course is situated just inside North Walesmaking it the perfect location for all guestswhether you are a business or a leisure traveller. Our luxury 21 bedroom hotel has the finest quality accommodation at a very reasonable price.



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Health & Safety

Mountain Park Hotel has enhanced cleaning and safety measures in place. Masks and hand sanitizer are provided to guests, and rooms are disinfected between each stay. Social distancing measures are in place, and cashless payment is available.

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Pet Friendly Hotels in Europe, Flint, United Kingdom | Mountain Park Hotel

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Mountain Park Hotel

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